Industry Leader in Dynamic Fluid Flow Technology

Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. is the global leader in the advancement of dynamic fluid injection technology for oil and gas well stimulation and Improved/Enhanced Oil (“IOR/EOR”) Recovery.

Through its innovative Powerwave™ technology Wavefront provides the oil and gas industry the most effective means to place fluids into the reservoir. The dynamic action of Powerwave’s fluid pulses divert injected fluids away from established flow paths; achieving better fluid distribution. Powerwave maximizes profitability for both well stimulation and IOR/EOR recovery programs.

As an Oil Field Service provider Wavefront operates in the global market place dealing directly with exploration and production companies and through an international network of distributors and agents.


Wavefront’s strategy is centered on maximizing the value of its extensive intellectual property portfolio through domestic and international distribution channels




Well Stimulation

A well stimulation is an operation performed on a well to restore or enhance productivity or improve injection. In most instances a chemical is pumped into the well to stimulate a producing or injection interval. In other cases stimulation is used to remove scales such as calcium carbonate or barium sulfide, or to rid a well of accumulated waxes on tubulars or to remove fill.


IOR/EOR targets stranded or bypassed oil in reservoir which is very difficult to produce due to various physical limitations. Powerwave is universally applicable to virtually all oilfield recovery processes involving fluid injection and represents a proven step change in recovering more oil from existing discoveries. Powerwave helps oil companies maximize value from their production operations by rescuing stranded oil.